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Army, health ministry sign MOU



Rose Moremoholo


MINISTERS of Health and Defence ’Molotsi Monyamane and Tšeliso Mokhosi respectively signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) to work together in health provision.

Under the MOU the army will help the Ministry of Health to provide health services to areas hard to reach.

The MoU, signed yesterday, paved a way forward to an already existing relationship between the two ministries.

“Today, this document that is being signed is an answer to access to health care service to all. Everyone, educated or not, financial stable or not has a right to health and education,” Monyame said.

“The Ministry of Defence is already going out for outreaches and it has done a very good job. We are aware that it tested about 3 000 people for HIV/AIDS in Mokhotlong and now that we have partnered with them, we will reach our goal,” he said.

“We are very aware of the skills and means of the Ministry of Defence to get to the most unreachable villages in Lesotho where it is able to offer health services to people and as the Ministry of Health we are very much willing to undertake this mission with them to set up health services where we couldn’t have simply reached.”

Mokhosi said the duties of the Ministry of Defence are to protect the nation and it is through different measures that a country is protected.

“Protection of a country also means taking care of their health,” Mokhopsi said.

“Soldiers do not only use guns as other people would assume but they use their hands and brains to protect the country,” he said.

“HIV/AIDS needs to bewrestled at all times, day and night. It needs people who will equip themselves with travel bags, tents and ride on horses or choppers to get to the deepest parts of Lesotho, places that cannot be easily reached and our soldiers are well trained for such harsh situations.”

The Director of Medical Services at the Makoanyane Military Hospital, Colonel ’Matšotetsi Tlelai, said they have enough nursing staff to help.

She said the army has students at the National Health Training Centre, Paray School of Nursing, Scott School of Nursing, National University of Lesotho and Maluti Nursing college who are trained soldiers.

These, she said, will help in health delivery service.

“We also have four students studying medicine in China and four others who are in Zimbabwe and we are already working towards sending more students off to China,” Tlelai said.

Army boss Lieutenant General Tlali Kamoli said their “advantage as the military service is that we reach where other health service providers cannot reach”.



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