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Bank takes 60 trainees under its wings



MASERU – SIXTY trainees who were taken under the wings of Standard Lesotho Bank and PKF Consultancy for a comprehensive three-month skills development programme graduated last Tuesday.
The programme was to equip existing projects with skills to run their businesses professionally to ensure economic growth and job creation in the country.
The head of personal and business banking at Standard Lesotho Bank, Selloane Tsike, said her bank has taken the initiative to help develop entrepreneurship which is the cornerstone of Lesotho’s economic growth
Tsike said they understood that by doing this they are growing entrepreneurship.
“The small businesses are the main drivers of the economy and this is the best way of equipping people who will contribute more to the economy with the skills they have acquired,’’ she said.
She said this has been their long-term goal which will promote sustainable growth.
Tsike said her bank wants to promote economic growth and they will continue to support entrepreneurship in the country.

The training consultant, who is also a Chartered Accountant and business advisor from PKF, Sam Mphaka, said there were 60 business trainees who were grouped into four categories.
They were introduced to six subjects for a period of three months which include business recording, he said.
“It was a challenge to make sure that everyone gets the message in a way that is clearly understandable,” Mphaka said.
He said there were also mentorship programmes which include a practical subject on theories they have learnt and they were also being exposed to digital technology.
“What we knew was that the banks intend to make profits without extending a hand but Standard Bank has proved us wrong,’’ he said.

Mphaka said it would be sad if the trainees failed to implement things they had learnt over the three months.
One of the trainees, ‘Matiisetso Libetso, on behalf of the graduates said they were also astonished when they were called to participate amongst the 60 participates out of 6 000 businesses.
“It has been three months of hard work,’’ she said.
Libetso said what they have been taught has fallen on fertile soil.
She said their expectation was to learn how to manage their businesses into profitable enterprises but they learnt more than that.

She said through the training, they will be able to take their businesses to a higher level and they are happy with the initiative undertaken by the bank.
Stephen Monyamane, an entrepreneur, said getting into business for the sake of money is not enough but “we need to talk about the impact the business will bring”.
He said the only thing that could keep the business standing is how they keep the good name.
“A good name could be the best asset a person could ever have or investment a person could ever invest in,’’ he said.
He said they should let their work brand them.

Standard Lesotho Bank Chief Executive Officer, Mpho Vumbukani, said the training demonstrates that his bank is truly a partner for Basotho towards the growth of businesses which leads to economic growth of the country and creation of jobs.
“This initiative is also in alignment with the vision of how the government intends to arrest the challenges of stagnating development in the country,” Vumbukani said.
He said this programme is a testimony for his bank’s commitment to Basotho businesses and the growth of the economy.

He said they strongly believe that with this worthwhile project it is only a matter of time before their stakeholders and the nation as a whole start to reap the rewards of this investment.
Vumbukani said it is his hope that all the entrepreneurs who have gone through training could see the importance of running professional and sound businesses.“The destiny of your businesses now rests on your shoulders to grow them into big entities that could make notable inroads to help create jobs and grow the economy,’’ he said.

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