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Botho begins building campus



MASERU – BOTHO University yesterday began building its Lesotho campus in Ha-Pena-Pena, Maseru south.

The project is expected to be complete in December next year.

Speaking at the sod turning ceremony yesterday, the Higher Learning Principal Secretary, Dr Molefi Oliphant, said the ceremony showed the university and the government were going “to work closely to invest in the future that is difficult to predict”.

“This magnifies the synergies between technology and responsive programme offering that will take Lesotho’s education to greater heights,” Dr Oliphant said.

He said institutions such as Botho were “committed to providing quality and responsive education to Basotho”.

Dr Oliphant said the greatest challenges threatening economic growth and development in Lesotho is skills mismatch.

“We are operating in the most challenged era of the fourth industrial revolution where higher education institutions must urgently address the era of a changing labour market.”

“We need institutions which are committed to transform the sub-sector radically. The Lesotho government stands ready to support this kind of institution,” he said.

Oliphant said this investment by the university propels them as the ministry to ensure provision of quality education by ensuring a proper learning environment.

He said as they continue their commitment of investing in human capital, Botho University has taken this noble decision to develop an enabling infrastructure to contribute towards achieving the mandate of the ministry.

The Assistant Dean at the Botho University, ’Makhosi Hlalele, said this has been a long journey of hard work.

She said they regard themselves as pioneers as a private institution of higher learning that has been the first to establish a physical, permanent home in Lesotho.

“We are seeking to play a meaningful role in creating a bright future for the youth of this country,” Hlalele said.

“We have no doubt that investing in the youth through the provision of relevant skills guarantees a bright future of Basotho,” she said.

She appealed to the public and private sector to accept their extended hand for true partnership to work with them as they endeavor to provide an education that responds to market requirements of a technology-based economy.

Refiloe Mpobole

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