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Chinese businessman beats Chinese landlord



MASERU – A Chinese businessman is in trouble after he allegedly beat his fellow Chinese landlord for supporting a business owned by a Mosotho instead of his.

Huang Liang appeared before the Maseru Magistrate’s court on Tuesday to face an assault charge. He was remanded out of custody on a M1 000 bail.

The victim, Youming Chen, owns a business complex in Roma where Huang and several Basotho are tenants.

Huang is running a restaurant competing with a Mosotho in the same complex.

Youming told thepost that Huang called him last Saturday night to come to the complex.

“He told me that my building does not have electricity therefore I should come and check,” Youming said.

He said when he arrived around 1am Huang lured him to go into the shop.

“When we entered the shop, he pushed me and locked the door.”

He said Huang asked him why he was supporting Basotho businesses instead of his fellow Chinese’s.

“He started beating me and said I had nowhere to run to.”

Youming said Huang beat him severely and kicked his private parts.

He said Huang then ordered him to pay his business losses as punishment.

“He then took out papers and forced me to sign exempting him from paying rent up to 2023 December,” he said.

He added that Huang said if he did not sign the document he would kill him and bury his body in the mountains.

“At my complex, there is one restaurant owned by a Mosotho and the other owned by the perpetrator,” he said.

He said Huang ordered him to cancel the Mosotho’s lease and close his shop.

Youming said Huang also accused him of drinking at a bar owned by the Mosotho businessman instead of his restaurant.

“That is why he is not happy with me,” he said.

He said he is traumatised by the ordeal “especially because I have been in Lesotho for 20 years and I was never beaten by Basotho”.

“But I am beaten by my Chinese brother here in Lesotho.”

Youming said he even reported the attack to the Chinese embassy.

Huang refused to talk.  The case continues.

Nkheli Liphoto

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