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Chinese embassy donates M4 million to Lesotho



Rose Moremoholo

MASERU – THE Chinese Embassy yesterday donated M4 million towards the commemoration of Lesotho’s 50th independence anniversary to be held on October 4.

The Chinese community living in Lesotho contributed a further M600 000.

The contributions were handed over to Law Minister Motlalentoa Letsosa, who is the acting Foreign Affairs Minister.

The donation was handed over during 67th anniversary of the founding of the People’s Republic of China.

China has contributed tremendously to Lesotho’s economic growth over the years.

The Chinese government, for example, built the state-of-the-art ’Manthabiseng Convention Centre, trained 200 Basotho technicians and officials including 17 LDF officers.

Also 19 young Basotho have been given a chance to study in China under the Chinese Government scholarships.

Speaking at the event, Letsosa said it was a joy to celebrate China’s 67th anniversary.

“Today we are celebrating the national day of a great country, a country that has managed to deepen comprehensive reforms within its borders,” Letsosa said.

“The nationhood that the Chinese people have inherited, that has blossomed with a people that now have a distinct identity, habits, behaviour and an increased sense of belonging,” he said.

Letsosa said the government of Lesotho remains convinced that China is destined to attain even greater heights and hopes it maintains its growth in international influence that has given it a prominent voice in global affairs.

“For the next 67 years we encourage you to remember the path that you took to get where you are today,” Letsosa said.

Letsosa said Lesotho and China have so far enjoyed cooperation in different sectors such as agriculture, infrastructure development, capacity building, tourism, culture, health and defence.

“As the Chinese saying goes, ‘a fire burns high when everybody adds wood to it’, success requires joint and concerted efforts,” he said.

Letsosa said the money given to Lesotho for the independence celebration is a clear indication of the deep friendship between Lesotho and China.

Ambassador Sun Xianghua saichanisss-2d “over the past 67 years, China has gone through an earth breaking change”.

“She has not only ended the scourge of a hundred years of war and poverty, but also ushered in a new era of the development of the Chinese nation,” Xianghua said.

Today China holds the biggest economy in the world with a GDP of 15.5 percent of the world’s total economy while 40 years ago it only accounted for 2.3 percent.

“Today China has become the world’s biggest trading country, being the biggest trading partner with about 130 countries in the world while in 2000 China was the biggest trading partner for only 13 countries,” Xianghua said.

“China has found a development path that suits its national conditions,” he said.

He said Lesotho has become an important partner and friend of China in Africa.

“Though separated by vast seas and numerous countries, the two countries started friendly exchange decades ago even before the independence of Lesotho,” Xianghua said.

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