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DJ Waters runs dry



Muckraker has always known that some political leaders will have a torrid time after the election.

Watch them now as they duck boulders from their angry supporters who are nursing sore hearts and are itching to make someone pay for their pain.

As is expected, that blame game is not based on any cogent analyses. Just bar talk elevated to expert knowledge.

The pseudo-analysts have also jumped on the bandwagon with their bags of nonsense.

They are hitchhiking to nowhere because no same person will listen to their usual gobbledygook.

The LCD’s DJ Waters is already being told that the jig is up and they have to find somewhere else to play. His answer to those who want him to vamoose is comical.

He says the LCD lost most of its members to the RFP. Let that sink in. DJ Water’s explanation for the defeat is that his party lost supporters to the RFP.

Hele! That is exactly what happens in an explanation. You win or lose supporters.

That this happened cannot be an explanation. The question to answer is why the LCD lost supporters to the RFP.

You can bet your last coin that DJ Waters doesn’t know the answer to that simple question. Blame it on his political immaturity caused by his decision to cut his apprenticeship short when he was Size Two’s protégée.

He rebelled against his mentor before gobbling critical political lessons.

Size Two simply moved on and formed another political party, leaving DJ Waters to run a mok’huk’hu of a political party.

The LDC has been sliding since then. So those asking why the party lost the recent elections either have short memories or are just certified buffoons.

The LCD started losing elections in 2012 but its decline was in motion much earlier.

The truth LCD supporters have been avoiding is that DJ Waters is a pathetic leader.

The man has no business being in politics. He cannot even persuade a thief to steal his money. He cannot sell either himself or his political ideas.

DJ Waters is incapable of leading himself. Sadly, he thinks he can lead someone. He who thinks is leading without followers is only taking a walk.

Nka! Ichuuuuuuuuuuu!

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