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Frazer Solar’s silly jokes



It’s a notorious fact that Muckraker dislikes Frazer Solar, that Mickey Mouse company trying to do a M2 billion heist on Lesotho.

The only thing she distastes more than Frazer Solar in this manufactured saga is Temeki Tšolo, its surrogate and accomplice in Lesotho.

It’s either Frazer Solar is just delusional or has convinced itself that Africans are village bumpkins begging to be separated from their monies.

You can see from their reaction to their thumping defeat in the Constitutional Court this week. They hurriedly issued a shoddy press statement that cannot convince a toddler to eat their lollipop.

The statement starts with comical and glaring contradictions.

The title says “Frazer Solar dismisses irrelevant High Court ruling…” but the opening line says the company “welcomes today’s ruling… ”.

Is the briefcase company dismissing or welcoming the judgments? Which is which?

Only a functionally illiterate public relations officer could cook up such baloney.

Notice that Muckraker is not blaming the guff on incompetence because that presupposes there was a failed attempt to get things right. There was neither thought nor method in that statement.

But Muckraker would have let the dissonance pass had the statement not spewed some pathetic lies in the next few paragraphs. The lie was unashamedly emitted by an unnamed company spokesperson.

If the writer was the spokesperson quoting himself then he did a splendid job of parading himself as certified imbecile.

“The judges have confirmed that the government of Lesotho chose the wrong method with which to proceed with Frazer Solar’s renewable energy project,” said the alleged spokesperson.

The High Court judges did not confirm anything of that sort in words, insinuation or winking. They said the agreement that Frazer Solar signed with Tšolo was unconstitutional and violated procurement regulations.

In other words, the agreement is fraudulent and those who signed it are crooks.  Also, Tšolo was never the government. Neither did he have any authority to sign its contracts.

Muckraker was about to stop reading the convoluted statement when the spokesperson uttered another epic lie.

“We acted in good faith throughout by proceeding with the procurement rules provided by government officials,” said the spokesperson.

Even Size Two’s camels in Qacha’s Nek know this is a lie. Oops. Muckraker meant to say kangaroos from Australia, where the company’s managing director comes from.

Which government officials and where is the evidence that procurement rules were ever whispered to the company?

If Tšolo was their “government official” then they have only themselves to blame.

Tšolo has the brain the size of the punctuation mark at the end of this sentence. And that explains why Frazer Solar targeted him to sign the dubious contract they are now brandishing in foreign courts as they seek to pickpocket Lesotho.

They were looking for a minister who cannot spell his name under pressure. It’s no coincidence that some of the letters Tšolo is alleged to have written to Frazer Solar appear to have been drafted by the company itself.

The spokesperson says the company acted in good faith but their lawyer admitted in court that the contract violated procurement regulations and the constitution.

Had the court ruled in their favour, Frazer Solar would have been crowing about being vindicated and sprayed us with another episode of those dishonest Facebook videos.

Muckraker wonders who those self-praising videos are talking to.

Nka! Ichuuuuuuuuuuu!

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