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Muckraker has never been one to follow the mob.

She recalls how some people ululated with vim when the ABC won the most seats in 2017.

There was unbridled euphoria in the streets of Maseru.

They said Uncle Tom would take them to Canaan. Our prayers have been heard, they eloquently declared. We have been freed from MCCD’s bondage, they crowed. Their walls on Facebook were covered with Uncle Tom’s face.

Yellow was the colour in town.

One newspaper publisher is said to have shed tears of joy as the results were announced.

“We are finally in,” he is alleged to have told colleagues.

Prayer groups gathered for Uncle Tom and his government.

Always sceptical, Muckraker gently warned friends, relatives and comrades to slow down on the celebration and sycophancy.

Their bootlicking was overdone and celebrations too loud.

Their joy was however short-lived because within a year they were screaming, squirming and cursing. Uncle Tom had proven to be a hopelessly incompetent leader who allowed himself to be controlled by excitable and thieving Chihuahuas.

He insisted that he was still in charge but it was clear that he was the tail being wagged. His darling was running the show using a cabal of overambitious and greedy opportunists. Uncle Tom was an officer who had been promoted to his position of incompetency.

Although he would occasionally emerge from under the petticoat it was clear he had neither the energy nor the skills to run a government.

This was an assignment beyond his acumen.

Those who had supported him started concocting excuses to justify his failures.

They said he was too old. Which was correct but beside the point because no one had forced him to become prime minister.

The man had been too old for the job some twenty years earlier.

They said he was a good leader being sabotaged by his appointees.

We were told that the Feselady was the source of all problems in the government because she was refusing to stay in the kitchen.

Some said Uncle Tom needed time because he had inherited a system completely broken by MCCD and his people.

Very few people admitted that they had made a mistake and were naïve to think Uncle Tom would be a different politician.

Today, the same people who claimed to be staunch followers of Uncle Tom and the ABC have found new homes somewhere.

Muckraker is saying this because she sees a repeat happening in October.

They are getting ready to ululate again. They are itching to lick another boot with gusto.

That shindig too will end in tears.

Those who put their faith in politicians will always have sore hearts.

Attend rallies for entertainment. Support by choice and vote as a right.

But keep your heart out of this business because politicians will tear it to pieces and defecate on it.

Nka! Ichuuuuuuuuuuu!

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