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Here comes Shao (Part II)



Muckraker never doubted that those trying to use the courts to block Shao’s candidacy would fail dismally.

This is why she is not surprised that the court dismissed the Christian Advocates and Ambassadors Association’s urgent application to get Shao disqualified from the election. The association’s case was so laughable that the judge told the association to find somewhere to play.

So Shao will become the first Chinese to contest an election in Lesotho.

More are coming and there is nothing hatters can do. The Chinese are here to stay.

And it’s not like this is the first time they have been involved in politics. Remember how Uncle Tom had to reward John Jackpot with a top government post after he bought him soap and phofo

when he was in exile in South Africa? Nearly every big political party has received money from John.

MPs and ministers used to get food on credit from Jackpot. John even funded weddings of politicians’ children. If anyone raises a finger to protest Muckraker will mention names.

ABC ministers almost destroyed the wool and mohair sector to please Stone Shi, an overrated snake oil salesman. Wool farmers were harassed to benefit that wool thief.

A few weeks ago, a whole foreign affairs minister was forced to issue a bootlicking statement confirming Lesotho’s support for the One China policy.

The only difference with Shao is that he is direct in his approach. He has cut off the middleman and is going straight to the power.

The Christian Advocates and Ambassadors Association’s noises are therefore pointless.

But Shao’s dive into active politics is not the issue here. What matters is what Advocate Fusi Sehapi of the Christian Advocates and Ambassador Association said in his court papers.

Muckraker thought the bit about Shao’s lack of fluency in English and Sesotho was the worst but she was wrong.

Advocate Sehapi’s other reason for trying to block Shao was because “Chinese eat dogs and aborted babies”. Take a deep breath and remember that this was said by someone who spent five years in law school. Mohlolo! Phew!

Muckraker is sure as Advocate Sehapi wrote those words an abortion was happening somewhere in the villages. No Chinese was holding a torch for that.

And what has eating dogs got to do with being an MP?

It’s not like dog soup makes anyone bark like a dog.

And even if Shao barks after eating s’kopo sa ntja, he will still be in perfect company in parliament because most MPs either sleep or bark in parliament.

Most bark after eating papa and lepu. Maybe they should have dog stew to justify their barking. Perhaps Shao can teach them Kung Fu so they don’t fight like babies.

Nka! Ichuuuuuuuuuuu!

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