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Kabi’s kite



Muckraker is still wondering why Kabi is still the ABC’s leader after such a thumping and embarrassing defeat. He ran a shoddy campaign. The man had no clear message.

All he did was mumble and drag his Famo gangsters with him to rallies. His fundraising was as laughable as the messaging.

There was no plan to counter the damaging narratives created by other parties. The problem is that Kabi surrounded himself with charlatans who still believe in big rallies as a campaign strategy.

Old goats that think social media has teeth to bite them.

None of those around Kabi was thinking out of the box. The mokhoenyana was always hiding behind speakers. The other Chihuahuas were just dancing at rallies.

The ABC was campaigning blindly without any data or strategy. They thought things would just happen.

Kabi himself was a total flop. He would grab the microphone without any clear message. You could see this was someone making up things as he goes.

Uncle Sam was almost the same, but he made up for his lack of oratory skills with organisational prowess and energy.

He surrounded himself with smart people. Kabi, on the other hand, had neither the energy nor the brains to rent.

He just fumbled and perambulated the country like a headless chicken. Handing out money as if he had a lot of it when he was begging for donations back in Maseru.

The truth that ABC supporters don’t want to accept is that Kabi was jumped up into his position of incompetence.

Were it not for Uncle Tom’s meddling Kabi would have been just a member of the executive committee. He had no business leading the party. But that is what happens when you clamour for a job beyond your experience, skill, acumen and talent.

If someone says they can fly a helicopter, you don’t have to argue with them. Agree with them but tell them to buy their own helicopter and fly it. You should never allow them to fly yours or theirs with you in it.

The ABC gave a helicopter to a man who could not fly kite. Instead of watching from a distance they all jumped onto the helicopter and cheered while he crushed it. Boom! Oh, Boom!

Nka! Ichuuuuuuuuuuu!

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