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Lesotho Congress for Destruction



From this week Muckraker will be profiling political parties in this election. Notice that she is talking about political parties, not silly jokes owned by individuals and their families.

The threshold is 10 000 votes in the last election. The newly registered should have some decent visibility.

We start with the LDC (Lesotho Congress for Destruction). This one has been a political hovel for years but insists on calling itself a political mansion. The LCD was finished ten years ago.

Now we only hear its leader moaning about this and that. He is running away. He is back. He is out again. He is back.

Nearly all the party’s press conferences over the past two years have been about the leader running away or running back.

He runs more than he runs the party. His Chihuahuas are always on hand to help him moan. On substantial matters, the party goes on voice mail.

When they talk about issues, and that is rare, they somehow find ways to sneak in something about their leader’s problems. They have short memories too.

When they bellow about their leaders’ plight you would think that they never harassed other political leaders when they were in government.

They speak of corruption as if it was invented after they left the government. You would think they ran a squeaky clean government.

It’s as if the looting of government funds and the rigging of tenders started five years ago.

Whoever still supports the LCD is probably smoking dung. It is a notorious fact that the party’s supporters cannot fill a wheelbarrow.

That the LCD is dead as a dodo is a fact known even to those with a pea-sized brain. The party is finished. Muckraker will cut her nose off if the party wins more than ten seats in the next election. It’s a political carcass.

There are four main things we learn from the LDC’s demise. The first is that political parties should change with time.

The second is that a political leader should always surround themselves with people smarter than them. Third, political ambition without strategy doesn’t get you anywhere.

The fourth is that you should never run away from your apprenticeship.

Just because you spent a few weeks observing someone doing something doesn’t mean you can do what they do. MCCD is laughing at his political student who thought he was smart enough to rebel and replace him.

Look at him now as he pretends to be leading. He who leads without followers is only taking a walk. DJ Waters is just strolling to nowhere.

Nka! Ichuuuuuuuuuuu!

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