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Lesotho Post Bank rewards employees



MASERU – THE Lesotho Post Bank (LPB) last Saturday awarded its 50 employees certificates of appreciation at its end of the year party and award giving ceremony.
There were 42 certificates of excellence and eight certificates of sports that were awarded at the ceremony to encourage employees to work harder.
The event took place in Thuathe on Berea plateau.

The Lesotho Post Bank managing director, Molefi Leqhaoe, said his bank is continuing to work hard and to compete with other banks.
He said what has kept the bank in the market this far is being responsive to the needs of the customers and serving them with great humility and understanding.
“We listen to the needs of the customers and they also feel free to talk to us,” he said.

Leqhaoe said his bank is excited because this year they have won three awards for providing the best investment service in Lesotho.
And they have won an award under companies doing most to develop and enhance the interests of the elderly or senior citizens in Lesotho.
The last award was for institutions demonstrating exceptional managerial and corporate governance qualities in Lesotho.

Leqhaoe expressed his gratitude to the staff, saying that if it was not because of their hard work his bank could have not been where it is now.
“The employees who have been with us a long time ago can testify that the bank was on the verge of collapsing,’’ he said.
But due to the new management and the employees, the bank thrived and it is excelling now.

The Lesotho Post Bank marketing manager, Tlali Kele, who won a Certificate of Excellence said he is feeling excited after picking the award.
The Lesotho Post Bank Assistant Marketing Manager, ’Mareatile Julia Tšosane, who also won the award of Excellence, said it was her first time to win an award.
She was happy that her employer had recognised her efforts.

Tšosane said what boosted her is ‘hard work’ and working with determination.
Former Minister of Finance, Dr ’Mamphono Khaketla, won an award of appreciation which included a blanket and a trophy.
She said when this bank was established, she was the Minister of Education at the time and it was hard because the bank had no office to operate in.
Dr Khaketla said today there is progress because the bank has made it to the top.

Refiloe Mpobole

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