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Lesotho Sky tour ride to roar into life



MASERU – The 2022 edition of the Lesotho Sky ride is set to roar into life in less than two weeks in Ha Ramabanta.

For the first time the event will not be a race and will instead be a tour ride. In the past years the event has been famed as a six-day stage mountain bike adventure race that carried international ranking points.

The change to this year’s format means it is less expensive and allows for services to be sourced locally. The number of participants has also been capped to a sizeable number of just 20.

Amongst many the Basotho service providers that are set to benefit from the changes are bicycle maintenance experts who will be busy over six days. Due to the gruelling nature of the ride, bicycles are often broken and need fixing.

Although there are changes, founder Chris Schmidt says the ride remains challenging as ever and will still be a six-day event. He said last year they had a bit of both ride and race, and that they are following a trend where most of the riders came for the experience and touring of the country.

“The route is still as challenging, and we are working with the communities, particularly the Malea-lea Development Trust, to assist with the trail. Because of the rains the route in some places has been destroyed,” Schmidt said.

The first day will be a ride to Ha Ramabanta and on September 21 the riders will make a journey to Malea-lea. On their way, the riders will make a stop at Morija Museum and tour the place that holds the country’s history.

Schmidt said they have also partnered with Malea-lea Lodge to host the Malea-lea Monster Day which will be a public event. It will be short and long-distance riding depending on the preference of each individual participating.

Tlalane Phahla

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