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LIA conference to ‘re-imagine business’



MASERU – THE Lesotho Institute of Accountants (LIA) will host its annual conference from October 17 to 19.
The LIA chief executive, Monyaola Mosoloane, said the conference will be held under the theme, “Re-imagining Business Resilience in Africa: A journey to economic resilience”.
“The business sector in Lesotho has been a victim of corruption, fraud, supply chain failures, compliance failures as well as lack of accountability and transparency,” Mosoloane said.
With this conference the LIA will seek to challenge the business community to join hands in adopting and implementing strategies that will help re-build business in Africa.
He said participants will discuss strategies like business integrated reporting, business continuity and management systems and others.

He said the October conference is about creating value for the use of LIA products and investing in such products.
Mosoloane said the LIA will seek to introduce its services to a unique audience of international experts, government officials, thought leaders, investors, financiers and development partners.
He said the goal is to re-imagine business in Africa, increase performance and enhance the economy.

Mosoloane said integrated reporting is new concept and was produced to show users how to create value.
“Creating value results in corporate responsibility. And the leaders hosted in this conference are expected together as a team,” he said.
Meanwhile, the President of LIA, Moahloli Mphaka, said integrated thinking is vital.

Mphaka encouraged the private sector and the government to take part in the accountants’ conference.
Mphaka also noted that he will be stepping down as LIA boss in September but added he will forever be a loyal member of the LIA.

The LIA has through experience observed that people tend to forget what has been presented to them at the conferences and they forget fast.
However, this year’s conference is going to take different methods of delivery such as ‘Experts on Call’ whereby participants will be invited to ask pertinent technical questions in one-on-one sessions known as ‘TED-Style Talk’ which is a series of informative, inspiring, energetic, panel discussions on burning topics such as innovations, personal challenges faced in engaging clients or shaping change on the ground. This year’s meeting is envisaged to further attract the youth, business community, advocates for a corruption free society and leaders.

Tokase Mphutlane

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