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LNIG-Hollard appoints brand ambassadors



MASERU – TWO leading musicians, Puseletso Seema and Bokang ’Moleli (Malome Vector), were this week appointed brand ambassadors for Lesotho National Insurance Group (LNIG)-Hollard. Seema has been in the music industry for over 40 years and is well known for her album Tau ea Linare. ’Moleli is a famous Mosotho hip-hop artiste who has crossed the borders to South Africa to pursue his dream. He has raked millions of views on YouTube. LNIG-Hollard Head of Brand Marketing, Liepollo Tsekoa, said the two ambassadors will help them change the narrative of the insurance business in Lesotho. “Our criteria to choose the ambassadors were based more on people who will represent the brand and the core brand,” she said. Tsekoa said they needed someone who was more experienced since they have older clients who have been supporting them for years. “We have also looked for a Mosotho in the music industry who has been making waves in South Africa to represent us,” she said. She said they also wanted a legend who is well seasoned and wise in terms of lifetime experience. Tsekoa said this would allow them to represent the side of their brand which has been there for Basotho for over 40 years. Tsekoa said Seema has been in this industry for a very long time. She said it was important to work with such a legend to acknowledge her talent and the role they have played over the years. They also wanted to work with a younger ambassador who will target the younger audiences and help educate them about matters of financial literacy. Tsekoa said the two ambassadors are currently working on a song to promote their brand. She said the two ambassadors will take part in every marketing event the company will be hosting. ’Moleli said he will seek to serve Basotho. He said he will also seek to collaborate with companies which are striving to help Basotho. He said their collaboration will in future enhance LNIG-Hollard services for Basotho. Seema said she has been serving Basotho through music but her music business, which was mostly based on the accordion instrument, was no longer generating enough money. She said her new journey with Hollard will help her continue with her mission of serving Basotho.

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