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Mahao blasts ‘dependency syndrome’



MASERU – THE Basotho Action Party (BAP) leader Professor Nqosa Mahao has lambasted Basotho’s “dependency syndrome” which he says has stifled the pace of economic development.
Speaking at a press conference in Maseru on Tuesday, Prof Mahao said since independence 56 years ago, the “nation has been dependent on international partners for donations”.

As a result, Lesotho is lagging far behind its peers in the SADC region. He said Lesotho was the least developed SADC country “due to its dependency on other people and not producing locally”.
Lesotho imports the bulk of its food supplies from South Africa and produces very little of its own.

Professor Mahao said the Lesotho budget is not being used to develop the country.

“74 percent of Lesotho’s budget is spent on recurrent expenditure while only 26 percent of it is used as capital budget,” Professor Mahao said.

“We should not be surprised because we know that the money is instead used to fuel a system of patronage and enrich some people,” he said.

He said the 26 percent of the budget does not even fulfill its plans as it is “corrupted through inflated tenders to enrich some people while some Basotho continue to suffer”.

“We also see lack of service delivery to the people,” he said.

He complained that the gap between the rich and poor is huge in Lesotho.

“The Lesotho government always asks for donations when things are tough,” he said.

Speaking about his party’s success, he said within a year it has managed to recruit 100 000 new members.

“We also managed to elect our national executive committee and will soon elect our women’s league and our youth league committees,” he said.

He added that the BAP is changing the country’s politics for the better “but for every country to be warm and welcoming to its people it should be able to produce locally to enhance the economy”.
He said the party members are currently drafting its manifesto for the next coming general elections, saying they are a “social democrat party that is more focused on helping the poor and the marginalised groups that do not have anything”.

He also said they align themselves with the rule of law and good governance that includes enhancing the economy for all the citizens and not just some people.
Mahao said they take pride in the fact that they are one year old and that is a symbol that they are here to stay and to change the situation in Lesotho.

“Many people in Lesotho have hope in the Basotho Action Party.”

Nkheli Liphoto

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