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Majantja in big trouble



MASERU – Majantja are among the clubs who have missed the Lesotho Football Association’s (LEFA) club licensing deadline for the 2022/23 league season and they face a possible points deduction as punishment.

Whether Majantja will compete in the Vodacom Premier League or A-Division also remains to be seen. The Mohale’s Hoek club are currently facing uncertainty over their future.

Last month Majantja bought Kick4Life’s premiership place and have been told by LEFA to register under the Kick4Life name and then apply for a name change.

The problem facing the Mohale’s Hoek side is that Kick4Life is unwilling to let that happen and have instead asked to return the money from the sale back to Majantja.

There is a belief Majantja would not have a problem competing under a different name for a period of time.

The club’s spokesperson, Lemohang Moeketse, said if Majantja had bought another premiership club, like Swallows for instance, they probably would not face the problems they have with

Kick4Life. He also said they understand why Kick4Life are reluctant to let them register with their name.

“Kick4Life is a big institution, they have a lot of things going on, not just football, are they wrong to say they will not allow us to use their name and logo?” he said.

Majantja have asked LEFA to give them exemption to compete under their name, not that of Kick4Life.

As of Tuesday, Moeketse said they were still trying to find a solution with LEFA and said they want to try to resolve it before accepting the money back and finding another solution or potentially going back to the A-Division.

Majantja paid M180 000 to buy Kick4Life’s premiership place and the transaction was approved by LEFA’s National Executive Committee (NEC) but unless a resolution is found the deal is now at risk of falling apart.

“The association does not want to make an exemption; we are not sleeping, we are trying to find solutions,” Moeketse said.

“Even on Monday we were at LEFA trying to solve it. We were told to register as Kick4Life and apply for a name change in two months. When Kick4Life asked him (LEFA secretary general Mokhosi Mohapi) to put it in writing he refused,” he said.

Kick4Life was formed in 2005 as the world’s first football club exclusively dedicated to social change. The club is a registered charity in Lesotho, the United Kingdom and the United States and aims to utilise the power of football to change the lives and long-term prospects of young people in Lesotho.

Kick4Life’s Country Director, Motlatsi Nkhahle, could not comment as he is out of the country and redirected the paper back to Majantja.

It is understandable why Kick4Life do not want Majantja attached to their name. Majantja is unstable and they admitted they have administration issues. The current committee should not even be in the office because their term has expired.

Three weeks ago, Majantja’s secretary general Katiso Mohlalisi compared their club constitution to that of community organisations and said it was only drawn up for the purpose of meeting LEFA’s club licensing requirements. They do not even have a logo.

The club licensing registration is now closed and the penalty for late registration is a points deduction. Even if there is resolution, Majantja are still looking at a possible punishment.
LEFA secretary general Mokhosi Mohapi said the association is not to blame. If anyone is looking to place blame, they should look at Kick4Life, he said.

“Majantja are not willing to abide by the directive that was given to them by the NEC, which is simply that while we understand that you have bought Kick4Life Football Club, you haven’t bought the status. They cannot buy a status,” Mohapi said.

“We said go ahead and register a team called Kick4Life in the Premiership, but since you are desirous of changing the name, go ahead and do ‘X, Y, Z’ in line with the statutes and regulations. Now they are dilly-dallying, they are not registering the team,” he said.

It is not just Majantja that has not registered. All Aces, which were meant to take Majantja’s A-Division place, also have not registered. As it stands, Mohale’s Hoek is still without a Premier League or first division team.

“When we are trying to show them, you are wrong here, then they want to tell a story that makes us the enemy, I have been ridiculed, I have been rebuked but because they don’t want to do the right thing,” Mohapi said.

If the deal falls apart it potentially throws the league’s plans into disarray.

Kick4Life have already dissolved their team and have made it clear they can no longer operate a Premier League club which would leave the Vodacom Premier League with just 15 clubs. Mohapi suggested there could be playoffs between the runner-ups from last season’s A-Division campaign with the winner securing a spot in the Vodacom Premier League.

Tlalane Phahla

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