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Mokola knocked out



Mokola’s political career came to a spectacular end last Saturday. Muckraker’s only surprise was that it didn’t happen sooner. Mokola was arguably the most overrated politician in Lesotho.

That he lasted so long had nothing to do with his skill but the faulty scale with which our politicians are measured. We reward presence rather than work. Seniority rather than results. Fluency instead of substance.

The sound of words rather than their import. There are those asking how such a seasoned politician could have been ambushed by a political novice.

Rapapa is no greenhorn. But even if he is a rookie there is nothing highly sophisticated about Mokola. It doesn’t take more than three days to figure him out. Just listen as he twists his tongue to emit some English words bereft of any original thought or insight.

Shibili, shibili, shibili and shibili. And there he is…Mokola in his entirety.

The truth is that Mokola had never been challenged by someone methodical. For years, he has always faced riffraff and village bumpkins he could easily scare off with his pretentious English.

No wonder he had bamboozled many to believe he was the best Prime Minister Lesotho never had. But a reading of history will reveal there is nothing substantial he has said on politics, political thought, history or business.

He wasn’t a doer either. No wonder his sycophants were quick to remind anyone that he was trained in Russia as if that is a badge of honour. Nyoe, nyoe, nyoe he is a seasoned politician.

A ‘seasoned politician’ who was shocked to discover that his protégé had amassed 50 nominations from constituencies. And instead of his so-called political experience to launch a counterattack, he spent weeks complaining about being betrayed as if that was a political strategy.

By the time he was shouting about being stabbed in the back, Mokola was already under Rapapa’s speeding bus. It’s telling that his shrieking did not include even a single word about new ideas to take the AD forward.

He was either moaning or dishing out blame. The party lost the election because some members of the national executive were either lazy or incompetent. You would think he was talking about a committee led by someone else apart from him. Blah, blah the elective conference would lead to factions that would destroy the party. As if he was not leading his own faction.

Blah, blah Rapapa has betrayed me. As if he didn’t do the same in his political career. When he reminded us that he made Rapapa, Muckraker knew he was resorting to his old strategy of claiming that those he trained had turned on him. He said the same about DJ Waters when they were fighting for control of the LCD.

Last year he claimed to have made Uncle Sam a billionaire. Now he was claiming to have made Rapapa’s career as a politician and a civil servant. Muckraker just yawned.

Here is a man touted as a political genius but spends his time training and promoting people who always turn around to bite him. It’s not a mistake that he was left with only Litjobo in the end.

They are a perfect match.

Nka! Ichuuuuuuuuuuu!

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