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Party leaders exchange blows



MASERU – TWO political party leaders were involved in a fistfight during a live Lesotho TV broadcast on Tuesday.

The Revolutionary Alliance of Democrats (RAD)’s Relebohile Lephoto and the All Basotho Victims (ABV)’s William Mohale were fighting over campaign funds they received from the Independent

Electoral Commission (IEC) after they formed a coalition.

Trouble started when Lephoto refused to give Mohale half of the M42 800 deposited in the RAD’s account.

Lesotho TV then invited the two to discuss the issue during a live programme. Tempers however flared during a commercial break when Lephoto allegedly grabbed Mohale and tried to manhandle him.

Mohale retaliated with fists, bruising Lephoto’s face. They were later separated by a soldier who was guarding the studio. An assault case has been opened against Mohale.

“I regret forming the coalition with Mohale as he looks to be interested in spending the funds for his own good,” Lephoto told thepost last night.

He said it is Mohale who suggested a coalition earlier this year.

They then signed an agreement that Lephoto said would remain in force until 2027 “unless the courts say otherwise”. He said they agreed that the campaign funds would be deposited into the RAD’s bank account.

“Shockingly, Mohale wants his share of the fund yet we agreed that we were going to do everything together (as a coalition).”

Lephoto said Mohale is yet to account for the M8 000 he received from the kit.

“He is someone who doesn’t like to account for the funds he uses,” Lephoto said.

Lephoto said last week he was called to a police station and instructed to give Mohale his share.

“But I will not do that, never,” he said, adding that he had since asked police bosses to intervene because juniors seem to be siding with Mohale.

“It would be better if the police stick to their job of combating crime and other illegalities instead of meddling in party politics,” he said.

“I am not going to release the funds to Mohale.”

Mohale told thepost he hit Lephoto in self-defence because “he is the one who started all of this”. Mohale said the fracas started when Lephoto overheard him speaking on the phone during a commercial break.

“The person I was talking to was telling me that Lephoto once took their money and Lephoto then came closer to me and told me that whoever I am talking to will not help me get the money”.

Mohale said he told Lephoto he had no business knowing who he was speaking to on the phone.

“He then came to me and manhandled me, tearing my shirt. I retaliated with my fists but now I am blamed because I hit him”.

“I am aware that Lephoto went to the courts of laws. I am meeting with my lawyers today. That guy is a crook”.

Mohale said he regrets working with Lephoto.

Nkheli Liphoto

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