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Polihali Dam to generate 3 000 jobs



MASERU – THE Polihali Dam project, which is estimated to cost at least M23 billion is expected to generate about 3 000 jobs at the peak of its operations.

The Lesotho Highlands Water Project Phase II, which is managed by the Lesotho Highlands Development Authority (LHDA), is meant to provide water to the Gauteng region of South Africa and to generate hydro- electricity for Lesotho.

Ntoetsi Lerotholi, the LHDA public relations officer, said there are several companies working at the Polihali Dam construction that are already providing jobs for both skilled and unskilled Basotho and South Africans.

Construction of the dam is supervised by the Matla a Metsi Joint Venture, comprising GIBB (South Africa), MPAMOT Africa (South Africa), Tractebel Engineering SA/Coyne et Bellier (France) and LYMA Consulting Engineers (Lesotho).

Lerotholi also said there is the SUN Joint Venture.

The JV has partnered with Sinohhydro Bureu 8 from China.

“Unik Construction, which is from the Republic of South Africa and the Nthane Brothers from Lesotho are also companies working in the project,” she said.

She said the Polihali transfer tunnel contractor is Kopano Ke Matla Joint Venture.

“The subcontractors include Nthane Brothers from Lesotho, Esor Construction and Mecsa Construction of South Africa,” she said.

Moreover, the construction of the Senqu Bridge is by WRES Senqu River Bridge Joint Venture.

“Senqu Bridge construction team is made up of Webuild from Italy, Reuben Construction (Pty) Ltd from South Africa, Enzi Construction (Pty) Ltd South Africa and Sigma Construction (Pty) Ltd from Lesotho,” she said.

“Subcontractors are EXR Construction (Pty) Ltd Lesotho, Gleibau-Gesellschatt from Austria, Post Tensioning and Structural Solutions (Pty) Ltd South Africa and Freyssinet International from France.”

There are about 60 companies working at Polihali.

“Other than the major works stated above the scope of work on the on-going Phase II contracts range from the construction of the Polihali Village, Polihali Commercial Centre, Katse upgrades (Katse Lodge and Village), Polihali Operations Building, access roads and telecommunication,” she said.

She said that completed works include civil works at Polihali and Katse, Polihali diversion tunnels and bulk power supply.

“Several consultancy firms designed the Phase II infrastructure and are supervising the works,” she said.

She added that others were involved in baseline studies in areas such as environment, social impact, public health and other studies as well as the resettlement and planning activities.

The LHDA is working with the Ministry of Labour to recruit labourers for the construction of the dam, which is expected to be completed in 2028.

The recruitment form for the LHDA is found at

Alice Samuel

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