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Qacha’s Nek man batters father to death



QACHA’S NEK – A Qacha’s Nek man is in remand prison after he allegedly stoned and knifed his father to death last Tuesday.

’Muso Ramochele, 35, was charged with murder last Thursday and is yet to apply for bail in the High Court.

The body of the father, Molibeli Ramochele, 65, was discovered by neighbours who raised the alarm and launched a manhunt for ‘Muso.

Villagers say they had earlier witnessed a heated argument between ‘Muso and his father.

They say the argument started after ‘Muso refused to look after his father’s cattle.

Mokoena Ramochele, ‘Muso’s brother, told thepost that there had always been bad blood between his brother and father.

Mokoena said his brother’s “anger” could have started in childhood after their father abandoned them.

He said ‘Muso had always been bitter that they grew up in abject poverty even when their father was working in the South African mines.

“He was working in the mines in South Africa but instead of looking after us he was giving his sister all the money,” Mokoena said.

“His sister’s husband, who was unemployed, was living like he was working.”

“We all had to drop out of school after the death of our mother because we had no food and clothes.”

Mokoena said he forgave his father but ‘Muso’s bitterness persisted.

“’Muso and our father would always have some fights and when I tried to intervene ’Muso would always remind me of how we grew up.”

Mokoena said his father had earlier requested him to intervene in their dispute.

Thooe Ramolibeli

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