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Rapapa brothers fight



MASERU – What happens when two fleshly brothers compete in politics and are on opposite sides of the political divide?
Under normal circumstances, that should trigger a civil contestation for power, tampered by their filial connection.

But that is not the case for the Rapapa brothers who are both seeking to win the Mosalemane constituency in Berea constituency in elections slated for October.
The battle for power has triggered a vicious war of words between the two.

It is gloves off and the war of words has just begun.
Samuel Rapapa will represent the All Basotho Convention (ABC) while his younger brother, Professor Ntoi Rapapa will stand for the Alliance of Democrats (AD) party.

Sam Rapapa is the ABC chairman while Ntoi is the AD deputy leader.
Speaking at a political rally in Mosalemane constituency last weekend, Sam Rapapa said he was going to build a road for the people.

“But I know my brother will come and claim the development projects were made by him,” Sam Rapapa said.

He recalled last weekend when they were at a relative’s funeral with his brother when he asked him about the huge defections that have rocked his AD party. Most of the people have joined the Revolution for Prosperity (RFP) led by Sam Matekane.

“And he admitted that it has affected them,” Sam Rapapa said.

He urged the ABC members in Mosalemane not to join his brother “because the AD does not exist anymore” after the RFP poached members from it.
He said the AD had suffered a huge blow after its secretary general, Dr Mahali Phamotse, publicly suggested they had dissolved the AD to join the RFP.

Sam Rapapa said some members of the ABC who had defected to the AD “now want to come back home”.
He also spoke about the local government council office that he built in Mosalemane, adding that “I know that my brother will want to take credit for the office” as well.

“I hear rumours that my brother who we sucked the same breast with says he is the one who built it. He must stop saying that. It is not true,” he said.

He said a tender to install electricity in Khokhoba in the Mosalemane constituency will be issued soon.

“I know that my brother will say he is the one who helped with the project.”

“My brother is dancing in his elder brother’s regalia,” he said.

“My brother is not telling the truth that he will win the constituency. Maybe the English alcohol he consumes has taken control.”

Sam Rapapa said his brother “has always wanted to be seen to be doing something to the extent that he even takes photos when crossing a river”.

“But when they thought they had it all, the AD MPs joined the Mantšonyane party”.

The RFP leader Sam Matekane is from Mantšonyane constituency.
Sam Rapapa said he has also learnt that another AD MP is about to jump ship.

“Mahali (Phamotse) has left and Ntoi has even expelled her,” he said.

“The AD is now left with Ntoi alone as even their leader Moleleki said he will not contest for the general elections.”

“They are all gone now,” he said.

“My brother and his party are both finished.”

Professor Rapapa told thepost that his brother “is feeling the heat from the AD”.

“He is saying that because I have built four schools in Mosalemane while I was still Education Minister,” he said.

“That made him jealous.”

Professor Rapapa said his brother was the Local Government Minister for a long time “but he failed to build proper roads in Mosalemane”.

“Before talking he should state which party he belongs to,” he said.

“How is he a minister in a government that the ABC withdrew from?”

He said he is the one who is going to win the Mosalemane constituency regardless of what his brother says about him.

“Our party is still there, it still exists and we will win,” he said.

“My brother is going to lose the elections because he did nothing for his people. Yes it is true that the council office was built by him, but he has been in the local government ministry for a long time.”

Nkheli Liphoto

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