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Sacrifices are a toll on way to success!



The influential American ratings agency Standard and Poor’s decided to hold off awarding South Africa junk investment status. You are wrong to think this calls for a celebration.
The deterioration in SA’s labour market this year highlights the severe challenges being faced in the economy — the rising unemployment reflects lack of confidence in the economy.
The profits have been squeezed by rapidly increasing input costs (including wages, electricity and imported inputs) and, on the other hand, by reduced demand caused by fragile global demand and domestic economy.

The US employers, Reuters has reported, boosted hiring in November, and the unemployment rate dropped to a more than nine-year low of 4.6 percent on Friday, making it almost certain that the Federal Reserve will hike rates later this month. A US hike is likely to weaken the rand, increase costs of imported inputs, adding problems to an already ailing economy.  As if that is not enough, the US hike is also likely to attract a greater share of global currency flows, reducing investments in emerging markets, such as South Africa.
It will dawn on many then that SA might have avoided a downgrade but the war is far from being over. We still need to continue paying a significant price complete with innumerable sacrifice in order win. Infomercials promise rock hard abs with only a minimum investment of time or by popping a small pill.

Other advertisements declare one can get rich by watching a video or attending a seminar. But, all of these options simply fail because life requires disciplined interaction.
Choose to pay the price or live with the limitations — an ailing economy and contribute to your own downfall. I then believe it’s time we establish our level of our future engagement: What part will you play to make sure that SA’s economy grows? You don’t have to move mountains, you can play a significant role by just developing an obsession of buying products that are made in SA somewhat grow the economy of SA. Like I often say, challenges in life are calling for our biggest sacrifices. They are calling for our best now.

We need to fully understand the ramifications of buying American, Asian or European brands: We are growing their economies, leaving our own to suffer — we take jobs from our own people and food out of their mouths. Pay your dues, pay a significant price, and ditch American, Asian and European products you love for SA products (I hope you still remember, Lesotho’s products must continue to take first place). It will definitely be hard but recall, like it is said, sacrifices are the toll on the way to greatness. Walk away from what you want and toward what you need and want to possess — a better tomorrow for us and our kids.
Let us help make South Africa great again, failing to do so can be likened to committing suicide.

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