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MASERU – IF you want to go fast go alone, if you want to go far, go together. That revered African proverb influenced the selection of the tagline, “Further Together” which was launched recently by Vodacom Lesotho. The tagline highlights Vodacom Lesotho’s celebration of the collective power of technology to improve lives, provide a better future, and enable an inclusive, sustainable digital society. On Tuesday, Vodacom Lesotho launched a series of products and services as well as corporate social investment initiatives to further that vision. The offerings include all networks per second billing voice bundles, data bundles, My Vodacom App Lite, Mum and Baby, Local Brands concepts, and the Vodacom Business SME support campaign. All Networks Calling bundles now give customers more flexibility to call all networks within the country through the convenience of purchasing one All networks bundle package without having to incur out-of-bundle charging and further offer them greater value as they are billed on a per-second basis. This directly translates to more value in the form of call durations allocated per bundle and an increase in the voice calling bundles that can reach all Lesotho networks. On the other hand, the data bundles have been repackaged to give customers more value on their trusted data network with the broadest coverage and best quality. Vodacom Lesotho’s Managing Director, Mohale Ralebitso, said the experience of the past year of the Covid-19 crisis had demonstrated the critical role of connectivity and technology in keeping society, businesses, and governments connected. “As Vodacom, we are extremely excited about giving Basotho the best possible tools for them to lead successful and fulfilling lives, using the VCL network and the tools they can provide to make the customers’ lives easier,” Ralebitso said. “Our Mum and Baby mobile health intervention launched today will provide our customers with maternal, neonatal, and child health information designed to encourage good health practices amongst pregnant women, mothers, partners, and caregivers,” he said. Ralebitso said their goal is to assist local businesses and musicians. He said Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs) now have the opportunity to enjoy extended publicity and reach by way of getting advertising support from Vodacom. He further said businesses are urged to submit their stories on how Covid-19 affected their day-to-day operations, with a chance to be profiled by way of video testimonies professionally shot by Basotho creatives. Ralebitso said all the curated content will be published on Vodacom’s wide reach platforms including social media pages, as well as radio shows. Moreover, he said more work under the banner Local Brands, Vodacom will enable local musicians to get a chance to win cash rewards amidst an extended dry season wherein they have not been able to make a living through live performances. Ralebitso said in true appreciation for her market realities, Vodacom has relentlessly found ways to deliver affordable smartphones into the market, to promote a digital society. Vodacom also announced the launch of a more inclusive version of the MyVodacom Lesotho app, fittingly called the My Vodacom Lesotho App Lite. “Vodacom Lesotho takes pride in having grown over the years with unwavering support from our customers,” he said, adding that their biggest mandate is to continuously find ways to extend world-class services at the most affordable value possible. Executive Head of Division (EHOD) Consumer Business Unit of VCL, Tšepo Thabiso, said “the data bundles have been repackaged to give customers more value on their trusted data network with the broadest coverage and best quality”. Executive Head of Division (EHOD) of Legal, Regulation and Corporate Affairs of VCL, Tšepo Ntaopane, said each and every country is broad about the development of the SMEs since they are boosting the economy. However, those SMEs need a conducive environment to operate at their peak. He said they realised that unemployment is taking a toll on the country. There is a more creative graduate who is unemployed, Ntaopane said. He said they want to create a platform where they will bring their ideas so that they can be productive. He said they want to create a platform where the youth will present their ideas. Ntaopane said they want to support the youths so that they can be able to create their own jobs instead of seeking jobs. “Youths need to think outside the box,” he said. He said they realised that they need to support the SMEs by creating a platform where they will directly meet their customers instead of wasting time and money for their products to reach to the customers. Refiloe Mpobole

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