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The RFP’s cowards



You have to feel sorry for those who won the RFP’s primaries but failed to pass Uncle Sam’s meritocracy test.

One morning they are accepting their fate and pledging allegiance to Uncle Sam.

The next morning they are bellowing and galloping to court complaining about the same man. It’s a conglomeration of a confused lot.

A hotchpotch of desperate souls.

What is clear is that they are cowards.

Sister Phamotse is the poster girl of that group.

After being denied a chance to represent the Matlakeng constituency, the sister complained a little bit but eventually said she accepted the party’s decision.

She waxed lyrical about Uncle Sam’s leadership and compassion.

“I attended the Thaba-Tseka rally in solidarity with the RFP because even though I didn’t pass my interview, I remain cognisant of the principles which led me to the RFP,” Dr Phamotse said.

“The party is working for a better Lesotho for all its citizens. I admire Sam Matekane’s leadership qualities.

He is an implementer who has done so much for the country even before he ventured into politics,” she said.

“Ntate Matekane is a compassionate individual.

He cares about others’ needs and if he says I need to step aside so he can implement his plans, I am glad to do so because I believe in his ideals.

I have decided not to put myself first but to continue to back him (Matekane) for the greater good.”

“So, I won’t go to court to fight to become the party candidate,” she added.

That was a few weeks ago.

Now she has changed her mind and is among the 16 people suing Matekane and his party.

If confusion was a person.

The duplicity is breathtaking. In August Matekane was an “implementer” and “compassionate leader”.

In September he is a leader who doesn’t respect the people’s will and likes to violate his party’s regulations.

Phamotse and her group say their decision is informed by the recent court victory of five other candidates who were in a position similar to theirs.

They say that ruling against the party shows that they were treated unfairly.

Yeh, right!

If it took them a court ruling to realise that they had been treated unfairly then they must stop whatever they are smoking.

That much has always been as naked as a goat’s behind.

They were just too scared to fight the decision.

Nka! Ichuuuuuuuuuuu!

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