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They have started



Hear, hear, hear. Those people have started. Which ones? Hypocrites!

Those who don’t vote but think their voice matters in government.

And those who vote for other political parties but pretend the victory of a rival party is what they always wanted. You can hear them piling pressure on Uncle Sam on social media and radio call-in

programmes. Matekane is our hope, they say. Really? Matekane should do this and that. Oho! Matekane should appoint so and so to his cabinet. Aha!

They even have a ‘hit list’ of people he should fire. Nyoe, nyoe, nyoe, he should investigate what happened to the M6 billion alleged to have disappeared from the government coffers.

They are talking about the same money that allegedly grew legs when the parties they tried to vote back into government on October 7 were in power.

They obviously didn’t think that mattered when they cast their votes for thieves.

Had their crooks slithered back into government they would not be saying a word about investigating this grand theft.

Those who didn’t vote are worse. Their justification was that voting doesn’t change anything but now that Uncle Sam is prime minister they are suddenly pretending that his election will change something.

They are now saying Matekane is our saviour. Saviour from the same crooks that would have maintained their grip on power because they abdicated their responsibility to vote?

They didn’t participate in the process to elect a government but want to run their mouths about the benefits of a government elected by others.

But Uncle Sam should not be pressured by such hypocrites. He is nobody’s saviour.

He owes no one miracles. He is just a human being trying to clean a mess that has been festering for decades. Chaos created by the same people who now call him their Moses.

And he better be warned not to pretend that he has the power to make a loti out of 15 cents.

Moshe oa rona! My foot!

Nka! Ichuuuuuuuuuuu!

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