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Tšolo attacks Majoro



MASERU – UNDERLYING tensions are threatening to ruin attempts to restore peace in the All Basotho Convention (ABC).  The ABC leader Nkaku Kabi and Prime Minister Moeketsi Majoro have been having secret talks to bury the hatchet ahead after a gruelling fight that has lasted nearly five months.

Temeki Tšolo, a controversial ABC MP, had been throwing brickbats at Majoro. In a leaked audio clip released a day before he spoke as a guest of honour at the official opening of the Mafeteng Community Radio last Friday, Tšolo insults Majoro and his wife ’Masekoalane Majoro.

He said he would not recognise Majoro as prime minister in his speech at the official opening or any other public event.

“If this hypocrite of a prime minister will be present they should know that I will not recognise him, I will greet the king and the chiefs,” Tšolo said.

He said he would not recognise Majoro because he doesn’t know what party Majoro represents since the ABC pulled out of the government.

“He is the prime minister of his wife with bad hairstyles and round earrings like bicycle wheels,” he said.

“PhD or no PhD, he is a rag, I do not like him with everything he has,” he said.

During his official speech, on the next day, the Mafeteng MP deliberately skipped Majoro’s name in his salutations. When thepost approached him this week, he said “commenting on the audio clip is tantamount to recording my heavy breaths with my wife in our bedroom”.

Tšolo said the clip was meant to be private “but because elections are approaching, people decided to tarnish my name”.

“The person who leaked that clip should be the one apologising and not me. I will not comment.”

Kabi could not be reached for comment but there is an audio clip in which he condemns what he called “silly clips by someone who was elected by the people and are still expecting to be re-elected yet they behave badly”.

In the clip, Kabi said he is trying to make things right in the ABC but some people are trying to derail his initiative.

“These utterances I am listening to on this audio make the journey that I am walking silently very difficult,” Kabi said.

“Do not condone these disgusting utterances spoken by prominent people on wrong platforms.”

“It is not good for elected people to speak dishonourably.”

He added that Basotho elect such petty politicians but later complain when there are no developments.

“We elect a person only on grounds that he is making us laugh, but at that time he is silly. Basically that is silly,” he said.

Meanwhile, secondary school students heckled Majoro in Mohale’s Hoek last week. Majoro visited the school only to be met by students who shouted the Sam Matekane’s Revolution for Prosperity (RFP) party slogan, Moruo ke Bophelo.

The children were raising their fists in the air and rushing to Majoro as they shouted his opponent’s slogan until a teacher stopped them. Kabi also commented about the embarrassment the prime minister was subjected to when the students booed him, saying it is not a laughing matter.

“The prime minister was embarrassed by the students and some people condoned it,” Kabi said.

“In the future one of the schools will do the same thing under the leadership of the same people who are condoning it,” he said.

Tšolo has not hidden his loathing for Majoro. A few months ago he released an audio clip celebrating Majoro’s defeat by Kabi in the ABC’s leadership battle.  He said Majoro is getting what he deserves for getting him charged for his alleged role in the Frazer Solar scandal.

Tšolo is on trial for allegedly unlawfully signing the controversial M1.7 billion contract between the government and Frazer Solar in 2018. The deal has soured and the company is suing the government for damages.

Tšolo has alleged that his signature on the contract was forged. The court battle continues in South Africa.

Nkheli Liphoto

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