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Uncle Tom’s mess



It will be unfair to blame ABC’s failure entirely on Kabi.

He inherited a political hovel. His only mistake was to behave as if he was the head of a mansion. Uncle Tom should take most of the blame for the party’s defeat. The man was a snake oil salesman.

All talk and no action. A schemer who did not know when to stop scheming, he schemed against his own party. Running a party through plots.

He allowed himself to be advised by political imbeciles. When he was tired he rented power to that drama queen who deluded herself into thinking that she could be an MP.

As prime minister Uncle Tom was hopeless. His government bungled as if its life depended on it. Muckraker is convinced beyond reasonable doubt that it was the ABC government’s strategy to mess up this country.

There is no other explanation for its daft policies. Surely, they must have sat somewhere and asked themselves: How do we screw up things?

They were methodical with their mad decisions. They must have had a ten-point plan on how to make our lives hell.

A Lesotho We Don’t Want kind of document. And boy did they pee on this country.

Harassing wool farmers to please a Chinese fraud. Allowing thieves to ransack government coffers. Dishing tenders to their cronies.

Looting the Covid funds and then pretending that the money had grown legs or been abducted. Appointing the likes of Tsolo as ministers.

The rotund one from Lithoteng was caught smuggling beer after he had banned Basotho from drinking it. Giving a M2 billion solar contract to a dubious fellow whose company could not even afford a battery.

The ABC supporters should also take the blame. They kept saying Mohlomphehi, Mohlomphehi, Mohlomphehi when Uncle Tom was messing things up.

They pampered the old man with praise when he was the problem. Cheering him on while he used the national stage to praise his motor-mouth yellowbone.

The problem started with that wedding and that long yellow dress that almost set covered the Setsoto Stadium. Muckraker knew we were in trouble.

Nka! Ichuuuuuuuuuuu!

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