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Whose Moses?



Muckraker knows the excitement that has come with Uncle Sam’s election. It’s fine.

Hope is good for the soul. But something is nauseating with the way people are now eulogising Uncle Sam. In the past three weeks, he has been described as our saviour, father and Moses (Moshe).

He is neither of those things to Lesotho but just a Mosotho man granted a chance to manage the affairs of this country. Simple!

Nothing is to be gained from burdening him with the responsibility of fathering a whole country.

It cannot be fair to say Uncle Sam is a father of a country with ‘children’ like Feselady, Tšolo, Pessy-Pessy, Phori and that long-haired radio Vuvuzela.

He cannot be described as a saviour either because there is no evidence yet to prove that. As for the ‘Moses’ title, Uncle Sam should reject it outrightly.

It’s not like Basotho were oppressed by another mighty race. They oppressed themselves.

They are their own Pharaohs. The Israelites didn’t vote for Pharaohs. Basotho have been electing Pharaohs for decades.

None of Lesotho’s problems were caused by foreigners. It is we who have been killing ourselves softly.

We elected thugs and they got shocked when they behaved like thugs.

We put thieves in charge of government funds and then got surprised when the vault was empty.

Nka! Ichuuuuuuuuuuu!

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